Behind The Brand

“I believe that having the freedom to express who you are gives you room to grow into your authentic self and love that person unconditionally...”​ - Shainaé Anthony, Creator of One of Sevyn Collection

One of Sevyn Collection was created in celebration of self-expression and individuality. As a collection of quality, luxury accessories, One of Sevyn provides the opportunity for you to create your own story through the art you wear. 

For centuries, jewelry has been a way for people to express their personality without having to utter a word. Since childhood, Shainaé has used jewelry as an expression of her free spirit. That of which she could not fully express in words, was expressed by wearing an eccentric pair of earrings or a bold necklace. 

What does One of Sevyn stand for? 

The name 'One of Sevyn’ itself is Creator and CEO, Shainaé Anthony’s own form of meaningful self-expression. The number one is indicative of her life path number, a single-digit number said to reveal one’s life purpose, who they are, and the obstacles they’ll overcome based on the practice of numerology. Life path number one’s are those of individuality, independence, and innovation. While, the number seven is her expression number (also known as the destiny number), a single-digit number said to reveal one’s talents, abilities, and the person they aim to become. Expression number seven’s are truth seekers in search for real meaning. Thus, the number seven is especially significant due to its presence in her birth date and marking the sum of letters for each of her names (first, middle, and last). 


Hoping to provide this same sense of purpose and meaning, the term ‘one of’ represents how each piece in the collection is designed to set you apart from the pack. It is our mission here at The One of Sevyn Collection to inspire and encourage the adoration and use of jewelry as a means to embrace one’s uniqueness, authenticity, and true whole essence always. 



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