Jewelry Care

One of Sevyn takes pride in providing you with beautiful pieces and we would like for you to have them in their best condition as long as possible. Please treat your jewelry with care to ensure longer lasting wear.
The best way to prevent your jewelry from tarnishing and help prolong the nature of its color and shine is to follow these care tips. Be sure that jewelry avoids contact with moisture. Keep jewelry in dry areas, avoid storing jewelry in areas with extensive humidity. 
It possible for the pH balance of one's skin to cause changes in color of the jewelry. Everyone's natural body chemistry is different, which means the way a metal reacts to your skin may differ from someone else. If products are exposed to salt air or strong humidity, the tarnishing process may be quicker.
Remove jewelry before showering/bathing, exercising, swimming, and going to bed. Apply any perfumes, lotions, and sprays before putting jewelry on. Avoid using any harsh chemicals, household products, and/or oils. Contact with these materials can speed up the tarnishing process. 
When cleaning jewelry, use a soft cloth to gently clean. 
Allergy Disclaimer
Some people are prone to having allergic reactions to certain metals and finishes that are commonly used in jewelry making (brass, copper, stainless steel, 925 sterling silver, etc.). Though majority of our products are hypoallergenic, it is the customer's responsibility to be aware of any allergies to metals or materials and use discretion before purchasing any products. 
Please take the time to review product details before placing your order. One of Sevyn is not responsible for any allergic reactions associated with jewelry wear. If you become aware to your skin being sensitive and/or allergic to any of our products, please discontinue use. 
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